The Tribe Board of Directors. Here is a snapshot of our leaders.

Our innovative leaders are well regarded in their professional fields, share a passion for being a positive force in our community and fully represent Miami’s diverse Jewish community. You can check out our leadership youtube video here. Through The Tribe, leaders receive special opportunities to enhance their skills. If you have a passion for community and are ready to lead, please contact us.  We are always looking to grow our leadership circle.

David Brownstein is a Miami native, a product of Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest. He returned to Miami from Los Angeles a few years ago. David is currently the owner of Sounds Sweet Entertainment, a full service entertainment specializing in creating unique live family experiences for both private and corporate clientele. He recently created start up called Make a Sound where he helps kids and adults with their interpersonal communication skills. He is also a dog owner and has many colorful watches.

Earl J Campos Devine is an entrepreneur with many concurrent projects after having spent many years working with VE Restaurants. He is of Mexican Jewish descent and is active with The Tribe’s LGBTQollective.

Anya Cintron Stern, Secretary of The Tribe board, is a Matrimonial and Family Law attorney in Miami of Puerto Rican descent with a passion for working to bring peace and stability to individuals during times of familial crisis.   Anya is inspired by the human connections she has made through her service with The Tribe and is excited to pass on the sense of community pride and Jewish traditions to her children.

Jeffrey Greenberg, 28, was born and raised in a “Just Jewish” household in Tallahassee. While at the University of Florida he got involved in the Jewish community via Tau Epsilon Phi, UF Hillel, and UF Chabad. Jeffrey currently works as the Miami-Dade Director of the Jewish National Fund. In addition to being on The Tribe board, Jeffrey is very involved in the community serving in leadership positions with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Jeffrey also volunteers with Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Special Olympics, and the United Way.

Helena Kristol is a 31-year-old business relations manager for a finance firm.  She is also the co-founder of The Tribe.  Her commitment has helped hundreds “reclaim the sense of community and Jewish identity” that she fondly remembers from her childhood.

Welcoming Chair, Daniella Lang, 29, moved from Chicago to Miami to complete her doctorate in clinical psychology; she is passionate about helping children and adolescents. Daniella grew up in an Argentine home and developed her strong Jewish identity through close ties to her international family and consistent participation in overnight camp, Hebrew school, and volunteer work.  Daniella has lived in Europe and South America is thrilled to now reside in Miami and become a member of The Tribe’s board to enhance her involvement within the city’s diverse Jewish community!

Director of The Tribe, Greg Lawrence is a 35 year old who grew up Reform in NJ and became a Pluralistic, Egalitarian Jewish Renewal adult via Boston, San Francisco, Oakland, New York, and Atlanta. Greg brings a passion for building community, expertise in transpersonal psychology, and experience with various innovative Slingshot organizations to the helm.

Chairwoman of the Board, Hadassa Levenson is a 25 year old originally from the Northeast. She relocated to South Florida to teach in Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Hadassa currently finds fulfillment by remaining active in the local Jewish community and the national branch of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority. Hadassa presides with wisdom and leadership as Chairwoman of The Tribe Board.

Social Justice Chair Michal Meiler is a 31 year old civil litigation attorney and former public defender.  She was born in Israel, raised in NY, and went to school in DC.  Michal volunteers regularly with The Tribe’s Repairing the World initiative, Jewish Community Services, the Chapman Partnership, and is part of Leadership Miami through the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.  The Tribe has provided Michal with a community where she can express and develop her Jewish identity.  Michal also loves The Tribe for its commitment to volunteerism and community involvement.

Development Chair Laura Siegel is a 29 year old public relations and fundraising professional originally hailing from Marblehead, MA. Laura currently works as Associate Director of Development for the Anti-Defamation League. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Laura has lived in NYC and Gainesville, FL, and is thrilled to have Miami Beach as her new home. Laura is ecstatic to be on The Tribe board, to meet like minded young Jewish professionals, and to help with the sustainability of this fantastic organization.

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